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Hierarchical structures of ZnO spherical particles synthesized solvothermally

Author(s): Noriko Saito and Hajime Haneda

Journal: Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
ISSN 1468-6996

Volume: 12;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 064707;
Date: 2011;
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We review the solvothermal synthesis, using a mixture of ethylene glycol (EG) and water as the solvent, of zinc oxide (ZnO) particles having spherical and flower-like shapes and hierarchical nanostructures. The preparation conditions of the ZnO particles and the microscopic characterization of the morphology are summarized. We found the following three effects of the ratio of EG to water on the formation of hierarchical structures: (i) EG restricts the growth of ZnO microcrystals, (ii) EG promotes the self-assembly of small crystallites into spheroidal particles and (iii) the high water content of EG results in hollow spheres.
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