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Hmong Americans: A Review of Felt Needs, Problems, and Community Development

Author(s): Kou Yang

Journal: Hmong Studies Journal
ISSN 1091-1774

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2003;
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Keywords: Hmong Americans | Asian American Studies

This paper is intended to broadly explore both the achievements and needs and problems of the diverse Hmong American community across the United States, with a particular emphasis on felt needs and problems. Felt needs and problems are defined as needs and problems ”perceived by individuals experiencing the problem, may be equated with want and are phenomenological in character” (Cox, Erlich, Rothman & Tropman, 1984, p. 9). Taken from this perspective, among the problems and needs discussed in this paper are those that were identified by key informants or members of the Hmong American community, who live in the community and are well informed of the acute issues experienced by their fellow co-ethnics.Felt needs and problems, in addition to other needs, are very important issues for Hmong community gatekeepers, social workers and service providers to know and understand, in order to effectively work with a particular community (Cox, et al. 1984). The phenomena identified in this exploratory paper are intended to provide a departure point for researchers undertaking future relevant studies of social issues important to the Hmong community.
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