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先前知识对推理学习的影响 How Prior Knowledge Affects Category Learning

Author(s): 邢强 | 车敬上

Journal: Advances in Psychology
ISSN 2160-7273

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 62;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 类别学习 | 推理学习 | 先前知识 | 眼动 | Category Learning | Inference Learning | Prior Knowledge | Eyetracking

采用眼动方法研究了先前知识对推理学习的影响。实验采用单因素被试内设计,考察了被试在推理学习过程中对知识相关维度和无关维度的注视情况。结果表明被试对相关维度的注意多于无关维度,并且这种倾向在实验一开始就出现了,说明先前知识能够促进对知识相关维度的学习。The paper studied how prior knowledge affects the inferenc learning by eyetracking. Using one-way within-subjects design, the experiment examined subjects’ fixations on knowledge-related demensions and knowledge-unrelated ones. The results showed that subjects allocated more attention to knowledgerelated demensions than knowledge-unrelated ones, and the tendency appeard in the beginning. This showed that prior knowledge can promote the learning of knowledge-related demensions.
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