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Human cancer is transmitted via genome

Author(s): Sergey N. Rumyantsev

Journal: Open Journal of Genetics
ISSN 2162-4453

Volume: 03;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 6;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Cancer genome | Cancer immunology | Cancerous Parasitism | Genomic intrusion | Genomeintruder Malevolent | Hereditary Immunity | Heterozygosity | Regulator-Receptor System | Self-Reproduction

Recent discredit of “somatic mutation” hypotheses forced the need of new paradigms about the nature of human cancer. The present article is devoted to further development of one such paradigm: the hypothesis of invasive parasitic nature, origin, evolution, pathogenesis and transmission of human cancer. Development was performed by supplementing and supporting the hypothesis by data which could not be applied before. The supplementation included integrative reconsidering, and reinterpretation of the make-ups, traits and processes existing not only in human cancer but also in animal cancers. Special attention has been focused on xenogamous intrusion of carcinogenic traits in the genome of a host. It was evidenced that human cancer possesses the same set of traits characteristic of transmissible animal cancer. In contrast to animal cancer formed of solitary cell lineage, human cancer consists of a couple of lineages constructed under different genetic regulations and performed different structural and physiological functions. The diversity of cancer composition remains stable over sequential propagation. The subsistence of human cancer regularly includes obligetory rotation alternation of its successive forms including genomic, gametic, zygotic, micro-population and tumorous ones. Human cancer possesses its own biological watch and the ability to gobble its victim, transmit via the intrusion of the genome, perform intercommunications within the tumor components and between the dispersed subunits of cancer. 
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