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Identification of hybrids of intra and interspecific crosses in Annonaceae by RAPD markers

Author(s): Danuza Araújo de Souza | Luiz Carlos de Melo | Samira Santiago Librelon | Marcia Regina Costa | Silvia Nietsche | Marlon Cristian Toledo Pereira

Journal: Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology
ISSN 1518-7853

Volume: 10;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 110;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Annona squamosa | Annona cherimola x Annona squamosa | seedless fruits | molecular markers.

The purpose of this work was to identify hybrids in intraspecific crosses between sugar apple accessions and interspecific crosses between sugar apple and atemoya accessions by using RAPD markers. Four sugar apple accessions were selected: Seedless P1, P2, P3 and P4 and the atemoya cultivar Gefner (G1). In the pre-female phase the flowers were adequately protected and reciprocal crosses were performed. In crosses where the sugar apple accession Seedless P1 was used as the male parent, the fruits contained seeds, indicating that the pollen grains of Seedless P1 are viable. The fruits of reciprocal crosses where Seedless P1 was used as a female parent contained no seeds. The percentage of true hybrids in the crosses P4 x Seedless P1, P3 x Seedless P1, P2 x Seedless P1, and G1 x Seedless P1 were, respectively, 100%, 95.55%, 82.86%, and 44.44%. Primer OPF10 was efficient in obtaining polymorphic bands in all Annonaceae hybrid populations.

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