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Identification of lung cancer with high sensitivity and specificity by blood testing

Author(s): Leidinger Petra | Keller Andreas | Heisel Sabrina | Ludwig Nicole | Rheinheimer Stefanie | Klein Veronika | Andres Claudia | Staratschek-Jox Andrea | Wolf Jürgen | Stoelben Erich | Stephan Bernhard | Stehle Ingo | Hamacher Jürg | Huwer Hanno | Lenhof Hans-Peter | Meese Eckart

Journal: Respiratory Research
ISSN 1465-9921

Volume: 11;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 18;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Abstract Background Lung cancer is a very frequent and lethal tumor with an identifiable risk population. Cytological analysis and chest X-ray failed to reduce mortality, and CT screenings are still controversially discussed. Recent studies provided first evidence for the potential usefulness of autoantigens as markers for lung cancer. Methods We used extended panels of arrayed antigens and determined autoantibody signatures of sera from patients with different kinds of lung cancer, different common non-tumor lung pathologies, and controls without any lung disease by a newly developed computer aided image analysis procedure. The resulting signatures were classified using linear kernel Support Vector Machines and 10-fold cross-validation. Results The novel approach allowed for discriminating lung cancer patients from controls without any lung disease with a specificity of 97.0%, a sensitivity of 97.9%, and an accuracy of 97.6%. The classification of stage IA/IB tumors and controls yielded a specificity of 97.6%, a sensitivity of 75.9%, and an accuracy of 92.9%. The discrimination of lung cancer patients from patients with non-tumor lung pathologies reached an accuracy of 88.5%. Conclusion We were able to separate lung cancer patients from subjects without any lung disease with high accuracy. Furthermore, lung cancer patients could be seprated from patients with other non-tumor lung diseases. These results provide clear evidence that blood-based tests open new avenues for the early diagnosis of lung cancer.
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