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建構資訊服務 II:以網頁設計人員為例 Constructing Information Services II: A Study on Web Designers

Author(s): Ling-Ling Lai | Min-Wei Chung

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 45;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 33;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Information behavior | Web user | Web designer | Information service | Information architecture

本研究目的在於分析比較網路使用者行為與網站設計人員之間的現象。此篇為本研究所呈現之第二階段。第一階段為相關文獻整理出的網路使用者行為,將其通則及特點視為使用者在使用網站時之觀點,並作為第二階段研究的對照基礎。第二階段研究以深度訪談方式,取得設計人員在設計網站時的目標及其他足以影響網站使用的觀點。最後將使用者與設計人員雙方的觀點進行比較與分析,發現雖然網站設計人員普遍了解使用者需求並認知以使用者為中心的設計理念及其重要性,但往往最後網站所呈現的結果是設計人員與許多因素妥協以後的產物,例如缺乏上層管理部門的支持,龐大的內容量難以控制其品質,以及與資訊架構相關,如導覽系統、標籤命名、搜尋功能等較模糊的議題。This paper presents the result of the second phase of a study focusing on the comparison of Web users’ behavior and Web designers’ design concept. The literature of Web user behavior forms the first phase of the study and provides a foundation for the study to be built upon. The study continues to conduct indepth interviews with Web designers in order to understand their design goals as well as the design principles that they believe to be influential for the ultimate use of the Web. The researchers analyze the viewpoints of the two parties and conclude that in general Web designers understand the needs of their users and recognize the importance and benefits of a user-centered design; however, the final products of their design are often compromised. Possible reasons are the lack of support from the upper management, the difficulty of ensuring large quantity and high quality of the Web content, and undefined issues related to information architecture, such as navigation system, labeling system, and search functions.
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