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The immediate effects of a novel auditory and proprioceptive training device on gait after stroke

Author(s): Eric G. Johnson | Everett B. Lohman | Abel Rendon | Ektaben G. Dobariya | Shubhada S. Ramani | Lissie E. Mayer

Journal: Clinics and Practice
ISSN 2039-7275

Volume: 1;
Issue: 3;
Start page: e46;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: gait | stroke | rehabilitation | physical therapy | tib trainerĀ® | auditory cues | step length | gait velocity | proprioception.

This case report describes the immediate effects of a new rehabilitation tool on gait in a chronic stroke patient. Specifically, we measured step length symmetry and gait velocity in a 47 year-old male stroke patient who was currently receiving outpatient physical therapy. Objective gait measurements were taken using the GAITRite before, during, and after a 5 minute training session. Step length symmetry improved 26% during the first minute of training, 71% by the fifth minute of training, and 72% after a 5 minute rest period post-training. Gait velocity increased by 5.5% after 5 minutes of training. Clinical research is warranted to validate this new training tool as a useful adjunctive rehabilitation activity for improving spatial and temporal aspects of gait after stroke.

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