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The Impact of Health Service Quality on Patients’ Satisfaction over Private and Public Hospitals in Jordan: A Comparative Study

Author(s): Ahmad Mahmoud Ahmad Zamil | Ahmad Yousef Areiqat | Waleed Tailakh

Journal: International Journal of Marketing Studies
ISSN 1918-719X

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
Original page

This study aimed to measure the Impact of Health Service Quality on Patient's Satisfaction in the Hospital's of Public and Private sectors in Jordan. To attain the aim of this study a random sample of inpatients was chosen to conduct this study within. The sample consisted of 450 inpatients. To determine the impact of Health Service Quality on Patient's satisfaction the researcher used a special measure called "SERVPERF" which was designed specially to measure the quality of service in different Service sectors the content validity of the measure conducted by committee arbitrators and throughout the multiple use of this measure over the time. The reliability of the measure computed using Cronbach alpha and the result indicated that the internal consistency of the measure was 90%.The result revealed that: 1) There is an Impact for the health service quality on patient's satisfaction. 2) There is a significant statistical difference of the Impact of Health Service quality on patient's satisfaction between Hospitals of public and private sector.3) The Impact of health service quality on patient's satisfaction in private Hospitals sector is better than that in public Hospitals sector.4) The responsiveness diminution of health service quality has the lowest mean out of other service quality diminutions in public and private sectors.This study find out many recommendations as:1) The hospital's administration in both public and private sector should to raise up the employee's qualifications to ward assimilation of the patients need and wants such as to tell them exactly when service will be performed, and to submit prompt service for the patients, and the employees should have the willing to help patients.2) The Hospitals administrations should make periodic revision for the application each service quality divisions and their items in their Items in their Hospitals through the applying (SERVEPERF) measure and they should have to measure the patents satisfaction to mend any defect automation ally.3) Hospital's administrations should put mechanisms to keep in touch with patients after discharge to hear from them about their Hospitals service and the extent of their satisfactions because the patients after discharge feet freely to say and criticize.

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