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Impacts of Temperature and Frequency on the Dielectric Properties for Insight into the Nature of the Charge Transports in the Tl2S Layered Single Crystals

Author(s): Aly M. Badr | Haroun A. Elshaikh | Ibraheim M. Ashraf

Journal: Journal of Modern Physics
ISSN 2153-1196

Volume: 02;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 12;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Structural Defects in Layered Crystals | Dielectric Parameters | Nature of Charge Transports | Chalcogenide Semiconductors

Investigation of the electric properties of semi-conducting materials in an applied ac electric fields gives information about the nature of charge transport and localized states in the forbidden gap. Layered crystals usually contain structural defects, such as dislocations and vacancies that may form a high density of localized states near the Fermi level. So, the current study was carried out for insight into the dielectric Properties of Tl2S layered single crystals. These properties were studied using the ac measurements in the low temperatures ranging from 77 to 300 K. The real part of dielectric constant ε?, imaginary part of dielectric constant ε?, the dissipation factor tan δ and the alternating current conductivity σac were measured in an applied ac electric field of frequencies extending from 2.5 to 50 kHz. Based on the dependencies of these dielectric parameters on both the frequency and temperature, the dielectric properties of the crystals under investigation were elucidated and analyzed. The ac conductivity was found to obey the power law σac(ω) = Aωs with which the values of the exponent s were evaluated to be less than unity in the range 0.21 ≥ s ≥ 0.19. Furthermore, it was found that the temperature dependence of ac conductivity follows the Arrhenius relation via which the impact of temperature on the electrical processes in an applied ac electric field was illustrated and analyzed. The influences of temperature and frequency on both the exponent s and band gap were also discussed in this investigation.
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