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A Improved Navigational Approach for Component Based Web Requirement Engineering

Author(s): Anuj Kumar | Sandeep Dalal

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies
ISSN 2231-5268

Volume: 12;
Start page: 88;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Web Requirement Engg. | Component

Web Engineering is one of most growing field in research area.Now the Web Engineering is associated with requirementengineering called, web Requirement Engineering. Requirementengineering has emerged in order to better understand how thesoftware interacts with the other parts of the system, and whatneeds to be further developed in a systematical way. In proposedwork, navigational development technique with model drivenapproach for web requirement has been used. The main ideas ofMDA consist of dividing the specification of the systemfunctionality from its implementation on a specific technologyplatform, as well as control the evolution from abstract models toimplementations. The proposed work is the Model DrivenApproach for the Web Requirement Engineering. According tothis model the Web Requirement Engineering along withdevelopment phase and the testing phase is attached. It means atthe time of gathering the requirement of the webpage, a new webpage will be developed along with all the conditional aspects.The proposed work used the Java Server Pages or JSP, net-beansIDE and apache server for developing NDT-tool. Out of the box,it provides built-in support for developing in Java, C, C++, XMIand HTML.

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