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The influence of cement composition on superplasticizers’ efficiency

Author(s): Ghada Bassioni

Journal: International Journal of Engineering
ISSN 1985-2312

Volume: 3;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 577;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: cement | superplasticizers | adsorption | zeta potential | charge density

Fundamental interactions between polymeric superplasticizers and cement arestudied. Cements with different alite-, belite-, C3A- and C4AF-contents are used.The use of commercially available superplasticizers like melamine formaldehydesulfite- (MFS) and -naphthalene sulfonic acid formaldehyde-(NSF) resins isinvestigated. These superplasticizers (industrial products) are characterized bymeans of their molecular weights and polymeric radii, as well as by estimatingthe anionic charge density in water and in the cement filtrate of four CEM Icements. Application data of the eight cement-superplasticizer-combinations(heat flow calorimetry and mini-slump tests) are obtained and the surfacechemistry of the superplasticizers with cement (zeta potentials andsuperplasticizer adsorption on cement) is studied.
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