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The influence of structural changes on electrical and magnetic characteristics of amorphous powder of the nixmoy alloy

Author(s): Ribić-Zelenović Lenka | Rafailović L. | Spasojević M. | Maričić A.

Journal: Science of Sintering
ISSN 0350-820X

Volume: 38;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 145;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: amorphous powder | electric resistivity | magnetic permeability

Nickel and molybdenum alloy powder was electrodeposited on a titanium cathode from a NiSO4⋅7H2O and (NH4)6 Mo7O24⋅4H2O ammonium solution. The desired chemical composition, structure, size and shape of particles in the powder samples were achieved by an appropriate choice of electrolysis parameters (current density, composition and temperature of the solution, cathode material and electrolysis duration). Metal coatings form in the current density range 15 mA cm-2

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