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Influence of surgical and chemical orchidectomy on weight and distribution of AChE-nerve fibres in thymuses of adult rats

Author(s): F. Dorko | D. Kluchová | A. Boleková | K. Lovasová | T. Špakovská | T. Borošová

Journal: European Journal of Histochemistry
ISSN 1121-760X

Volume: 55;
Issue: 3;
Start page: e22;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: thymus | surgical and chemical orchidectomy | AChE-positive nerves | age-dependent involution | rat

The thymus is a crossroad between the immune and neuroendocrine systems. As such, it is innervated by acetylcholinesterase (AChE)-positive fibres of the vagus, the recurrent laryngeal and the phrenic nerves. It is well know, that the innervations density of the thymus increases with age. In our study, adult rats were orchidectomized (surgically and chemically by the application of a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone). The density of AChE-positive nerve fibres in thymuses, as well as the weight of thymuses was examined. The authors found that both surgical and chemical orchidectomy result in macroscopic and microscopic regeneration of the atrophied thymuses. In regenerated rat’s thymuses after orchidectomy the density of AChE-positive nerve fibres was markedly higher in comparison with the control animals. The distribution, as well as the density of AChE-positive nerve fibres in regenerated thymuses after orchidectomy evokes the images of its innervations like in young animals before age-related involution. The authors also found a markedly higher weight of thymuses of orchidectomized rats in comparison with the control groups. In recent study the authors proved that after 8 weeks surgical orchidectomy leads to the regeneration of thymic AChE-positive innervation and chemical orchidectomy by administration of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone after 4 weeks of adult rats.

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