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Influência do perfil clínico e sociodemográfico na qualidade de vida de cardiopatas submetidos à reabilitação cardíaca

Author(s): Renata Claudino Rossi | Franciele Marques Vanderlei | Luiz Antonio Rodrigues Medina | Carlos Marcelo Pastre | Carlos Roberto Padovani | Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei

Journal: ConScientiae Saúde
ISSN 1677-1028

Volume: 10;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2011;
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Introduction: Cardiovascular rehabilitation programs are fundamental to ensure a better quality of life (QL) in cardiac patients. Objective: Evaluate the QL of patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation (CR) and investigate if demographic aspects, diagnosis and treatment time are variables that influence on these patients QL. Methods: It was conducted a cross-sectional study with 82 patients, 64,52 ± 9,04 years old, who answered two questionnaires, for QL assessment (questionnaire SF-36) and for socioeconomic level classification, and their socio-demographie profile determined. Results: Higher values of scores of SF-36 questionnaire that assess emotional aspects were observed in all associations held. The sample profile aspects addressed in this study did not represent echo in QL. Conclusion: Cardiac patients submitted to RC showed greater benefits on emotional aspects and factors studied did not influence on these patients QL.
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