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InP Gunn diodes with a cathode contact injecting hot electrons. Part 1. Interactions between phases in the cathode contacts

Author(s): Boltovets N. S. | Ivanov V. N. | Kovtonyuk V. M. | Rayevskaya N. S. | Belyaev A. E. | Bobyl A. V. | Konakova R. V. | Kudryk Ya. Ya. | Milenin V. V. | Novitskiy S. V. | Sheremet V. N.

Journal: Tekhnologiya i Konstruirovanie v Elektronnoi Apparature
ISSN 2225-5818

Issue: 5-6;
Start page: 3;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: cathode contact | indium phosphide | Gunn diode | ohmic contact

The article presents the research on interactions between phases in the Ge–Au, Ge–TiBx and Au–TiBxAu contacts to n–n+–n++-InP, both before and after rapid thermal annealing, and also the output parameters of Gunn diodes based on the InP structure with Au–TiBx–Au–Ge contact metallization in the –40...+60 °С temperature range. It is shown that ohmic contacts to InP layer are formed as a result of diffusion of Ge and Au atoms deep inside the layer. The output parameters of Gunn diodes with Au–TiBx–Au–Ge cathode contacts agree with the data obtained for InP Gunn diodes made with the use of more complicated technology.
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