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Integrating Europe's Securities Markets: The Way Forward

Author(s): Daniel Mark Azzopardi

Journal: ELSA Malta Law Review
ISSN 2225-210X

Volume: 1;
Start page: 16;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: european | integration | securities | market | regulation

Having been earmarked as one of the primary objectives towards the creation of the Single Market from early on, the consolidation of securities legislation in the EU really took off under the auspices of the Financial Services Action Plan (or FSAP).The implementation of the Plan’s objectives was achieved most successfully through the Lamfalussy approach, a four-level model which was applied successfully to many framework Directives. While the creation of a single legal framework for the Union was in development, numerous efforts had also been made towards other aspects of market integration, namely convergence in interpretation, supervision and enforcement. With the latest round of proposals put forward by the Commission, the European securities market has never looked more likely to becoming a truly unified and singular entity. This article provides a brief overview on how the EU has fared thus far on this monumental project, while highlighting areas which need to be improved, and what measures can be taken to improve them. The article also discusses the latest measures taken by the EU to create a supervisory architecture in the financial services sphere, primarily through the introduction of three regulatory authorities for banking, insurance and securities, with particular focus on the new European Securities Market Authority.
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