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資訊科技融入教學之概念、應用與活動設計 Integrating Information Technology into Instruction: Concept, Application, and Activity Planning

Author(s): Ching-Heng Shen

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 42;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 139;
Date: 2004;
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Keywords: Information technology (IT) | Integrating information technology into instructio | concpt | application | activity planning

隨著電腦及網路科技的快速發展,資訊科技在教育上的應用愈發受到重視,九十年教育部規劃的「中小學資訊教育總藍圖」將資訊科技融入教學設定為基本目標,並將資訊科技融入教學所佔教學總時數的指標訂定為20%,足見其重要性。本文擬就資訊科技融入教學的意義、內涵、目的、應用方式等加以探討,並以國高中數學、國文、英文等學科為例設計資訊科技融入教學的活動,期盼本文有助於增進教師對資訊科技融入教學的瞭解,以發揮資訊科技的最大效能。With the rapid development of computer and Internet technology, the use of information technology (IT) in education is received more and more attention. Integrating IT into instruction was set to be the basic goal in the Blueprint for Information and Computer Education in the Elementary and Secondary Schools developed by Ministry of Education in 2001. In addition, 20% of the total teaching hours will be set to be devoted to it. Therefore, according to the above statements its importance is very clear. This paper discussed the meanings, contents, purposes, and different ways of integrating IT into the classroom. Furthermore, it planned classroom activities for IT integration with subjects such as mathematics, Chinese language arts, and English language arts at the secondary school level. It is hoped that it can help teachers better understand ITintegrated teaching to take its greatest advantages.

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