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Intention-based design of pedagogical scenarios

Author(s): Valérie EMIN | Jean-Philippe PERNIN | Viviane GUERAUD

Journal: STICEF
ISSN 1764-7223

Volume: 18;
Issue: 2011-TICE;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: technology enhanced learning | authoring approach | learning scenarios | goal-oriented approach | learning design patterns | visual design

This paper presents the core concepts of the ISiS model (Intentions, Strategies, and interactional Situations), a conceptual framework elaborated to structure the design of learning scenarios and promote sharing among teachers-designers. This model, co-elaborated with final targeted users and inspired by recent works in the field of goal-oriented requirement engineering, makes explicit the intentions and strategies of the designer. The ScenEdit environment enables practitioners to graphically design their scenarios making explicit the different dimensions associated with the ISiS model. ScenEdit aims at favouring sharing and reuse of practices by providing, for each type of model component, patterns issued from the literature and/or co-designed with practitioners. The model and the environment have been experimented with various groups of practitioners and evaluated from the point of view of utility and usability.
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