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Interferential polychromatic filters based on the quasi-periodic one-dimensional generalized multilayer Thue – Morse structures

Author(s): Yassine Bouazzi | Mounir Kanzari

Journal: Optica Applicata
ISSN 0078-5466

Volume: 39;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 489;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: photonic crystals | periodic | quasi-periodic | Thue &ndash | Morse | antitrace map | transmission peak | polychromatic filters

In this paper, a new type of optical filter using photonic band gap materials has been proposed. The optical filter was obtained by a combination of periodic H(LH)J and generalized Thue – Morse (GTM) quasi-periodic one-dimensional multilayer. We show that the whole structure H(LH)J[TM]PH(LH)J, where P is the repetition number of the GTM stack, has an interesting application as a polychromatic filter. However, the effect of the repetition number for producing an improved polychromatic filter is presented. So, switches like (on–on–off–off–on–on–…) have been found.
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