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滦河口–陡河口潮间带重金属分布特征及其环境效应 Intertidal Heavy Metal Distribution Characteristics and Environmental Effects from the Luanhe Estuary to Douhe Estuary

Author(s): 张振国 | 刘长水 | 李玲 | 袁博成 | 张鹏 | 段杏宽

Journal: Advances in Geosciences
ISSN 2163-3967

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 145;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 潮间带 | 重金属 | 特征 | 环境效应 | 滦河口–陡河口 | Intertidal Zone | Heavy Metal | Characteristics | Environmental Effects | Estuary of the Luanhe and the Douhe

伴随唐山海岸带区域城市化、工业化的进程,重金属污染有日渐加剧的趋势。本文选择渤海西岸唐山滦河口–陡河口区间的涧河入海口、滦南嘴东工业区、曹妃甸工业区、青龙河入海口、曹妃甸湿地、乐亭浅水湾、京唐港以及典型生活污水入海口潮间带等代表性部位,选取13个采样点,对表层沉积物采集样品31份。利用X射线荧光光谱(XRF)、原子吸收法(AAS)及电感耦合等离子质谱法(ICP-MS)对样品重金属元素含量进行了测试分析。研究显示,除曹妃甸工业区外,其它采样点Pb含量均不同程度超过背景值;Zn在两采样点超标、Ni在一个采样点超标;而As在曹妃甸排污口采样点超标。造成这一现象的原因则可能与周边农业生产及不合理排污存在较为密切的联系。对重金属含量进行了潜在生态危害评价,证明研究区潮间带表层沉积物重金属含量总体属于轻微生态危害,但应加强重点区域的观察和监测,密切关注其积累和危害过程。Accompanied by urbanization and industrialization process in Tangshancoastal zone, the heavy metal pollution increased. The representative parts, such as Jianhe Estuary, the Luannan Zuidong Industrial Zone, Caofeidian Industrial Zone, the Qinglonghe Estuary, Caofeidian Wetlands, the Laoting Qianshui Bay, and Jingtang Port in Bohai West Bank, were chosen, selecting the 13 sampling sites, 31 surface sediment samples. X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF), atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) were used to test the samples of heavy metals concentrations. Studies have shown that except the Caofeidian Industrial Zone, Pb contents in the other sampling points are more than the background value. Zn exceeded in the two sampling sites and Ni in one sample point. As exceeded in sampling points of Caofeidian outfall. The reason for this phenomenon may be closely related to the layout of the surrounding industry, and unreasonable sewage of agricultural production. For the intertidal zone in the study area, potential ecological risk of heavy metal content prove that the overall heavy metal content in surface sediments belongs to the minor ecological harm, but it should be strengthened that the observation and monitoring of key areas, and pay close attention to the accumulation and the harmful process.
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