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Investigación sobre el período Tardío-Inca en las localidades arqueológicas de Antofagasta de la Sierra (Puna sur) y cuenca del río Doncellas (Puna norte): una aproximación a través de la cerámica

Author(s): Martina Inés Pérez

Journal: Comechingonia Virtual : Revista Electrónica de Arqueología
ISSN 1851-0027

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 197;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Inca | Archaeology | Pottery

During the Late Period, in the Puna de Atacama developed economic, political and cultural processes complex that resulted in significant changes to the local societies.As part of a regional project and from the macro scale set by the environmental variable, I propose a comparison of different complex archaeological localities in the Puna with processual and chronological independence to define shared change patterns in the regional process of complexity.Furthermore, a model of complex settlement was established from sites such as La Alumbrera , Campo Cortaderas and Bajo del Coypar (Catamarca) which was defined by the presence of sites with different functionalities thus also of a process of technological specialization closely related to the regional Inca contact (Olivera and Vigliani 2000-2002).I am interested in the comparison of this cultural process in southern Puna with the one in the northern sector. Thus, I have selected the archaeological locality called Río Doncellas ( Jujuy ), where complexity processes and Inca contact took place in the Tardío Period.Using the pottery as an indicator, my objective is to analyse similarities and differences in space management, in the site function in the settlement system and in the organization of the production. Consequently, I will study the technological aspects of pottery production, a dynamic indicator of pre-hispanic practices that reflect the social, technological and symbolic aspects.
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