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Investigating the effectiveness of the tutorials in introductory physics in multiple instructional settings

Author(s): C. Slezak1 | K. M. Koenig2 | R. J. Endorf2 | G. A. Braun3

Journal: Physical review special topics. Physics education research
ISSN 1554-9178

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2011;
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This paper examines the educational impact of the implementation of the tutorial activity “Changes in Energy and Momentum” from The Tutorials in Introductory Physics in five different instructional settings. These settings include (1) a completely computer-based learning environment and (2) use of cooperative learning groups with varying levels of instructor support. Pre- and post-tests provide evidence that a computer-based implementation falls significantly short of classroom implementations which involve both collaborative learning groups and interactions with a teaching assistance. Other findings provide insight into the importance of certain elements of instructor training and the appropriate use of the tutorial as an initial introduction to a new concept.
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