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An investigation of diffuser for water current turbine application using CFD

Author(s): Palapum khunthongjan, | Adun janyalertadun

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
ISSN 0975-5462

Volume: 3;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 3437;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Water current turbine | Diffuser | Computational fluid dynamics | Power augmentation factor

The use of water stream as the energy resource has long time happened but its velocity is pretty low so it’s not found in wide range of uses. Here the study purposes accelerate water velocity by installingdiffuser. The problems were analyzed by one dimension analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD); domain of flowing problem will cover diffuser and turbine area that be substituted by porous jump condition. In this study flow identified as axisymmetric steady flow, inlet boundary identified as uniform flow, sizes of diffuser was still but the diffuser angle. The study found that the more widendiffuser angle, the more velocity of water stream toward the turbine. A 20° angle of diffuser was to add 1.9 times of water velocity and 1.7 times of energy if compared to the diffuser-uninstalled turbine. If the angle was about 0-20° and 50-70° the force toward diffuser became high instantly; where as the force toward the rotor will be still and the maximum rate of rotor power augmentation possibly was 3.5.
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