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Investigation of Heavy Metals Concentrations in the Water Wells Close to Zanjan Zinc and Lead Smelting Plant

Author(s): M Mohammadian | J Nouri | N Afshari | J Nassiri | M Nourani

Journal: Iranian Journal of Health and Environment
ISSN 2008-2029

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 51;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Heavy metals | environmental pollution | drinking water | zinc and lead smelting

Background and Objectives: Heavy metals processing industry has always been a major cause of concern which affects soils, surface waters, ground waters and river sediments contaminations. Thus, the Zanjan Zinc and Lead Smelting Plant has been considered as a potential source of contamination."nMterials and Methods: This cross-sectional study has been conducted in February 2008 in the site region .The concentrations of Lead, Zinc and Cadmium have been assessed. The samples have been taken from 17 wells and atomic absorption spectrophotometeric method has been used to assess the samples. In order to find out and locate the exact situation of the wells under study, Global Positioning System instrument has been used. The correlation between the concentration of each metal and the distance of studied well from the plant has been assessed too."nResults: The findings of this study showed that lead and cadmium concentrations were 53% and 59% respectively out of the guideline values of World Health Organization."nConclusion: The concentration of Zinc was lower than both national and international values in all samples. As the heavy metal concentration is very important for human health status, the other fields of study like heavy metal air pollution effects and related diseases and conditions should be studied and assessed.

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