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Italianos en la Argentina. Los últimos doscientos años / Italians in Argentina : the last two hundred years

Author(s): Di Tella, Torcuato

Journal: Storicamente
ISSN 1825-411X

Volume: 7;
Start page: 28;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Emigration | Argentina | Italy | 19th-20th century

The 200 year anniversary of the foundation of Argentina and the 150th anniversary of Italian unification marks the occasion for an historical analysis of the presence of Italians in Argentina. The article examines the topic from the 1930s until post WW2, comparing immigration in Argentina with other nations including Australia and the US. The position of immigrants in Argentinian social structure is analysed, individualising 3 elements: that foreigners made up 30% of the population; that there was a high concentration of immigrants living in urban areas, and that in big cities foreigners made up 2/3 of the middle and working classes. Secondly, the influence of Italian immigrants on Argentinian politics is examined, in particular the influence on the Partido Socialista and the Partido Radical, and the role of Italians in protest movements and Argentinian civil wars. Finally, the essay seeks to respond to two central questions: why weren't foreigners given the right to citizenship and to vote? What were the effects on the political system?

Tango Rapperswil
Tango Rapperswil

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