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The Journal “Mūsų Žinynas” on Applications of Mathematics in Lithuanian Armed Forces, in 1922–1940: Authors and their Articles Žurnalas ,,Mūsų žinynas“ apie matematikos taikymus Lietuvos kariuomenėje 1922–1940 m.: autoriai ir jų straipsniai

Author(s): Algirdas Ažubalis

Journal: Evolution of Science and Technology
ISSN 2029-2430

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 5;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: applications of mathematic | military topography | artillery | weaponry of infantrymen | aviation | air defence artillery | elementary and higher mathematics | Lithuanian officers

As soon as the Freedom Struggles for independence finished, the Lithuanian Armed Forces began focusing on development of military science. In addition to other sciences, a lot of attention was given to application of mathematics in military arts. In 1922–1940, journal of military science and history “Mūsų žinynas” (“Our Directory”) published 87 articles on various applications of mathematics in the Armed Forces. Among these, 28 articles were issued on application of mathematics in military topography, 28 – in artillery, 14 – in weaponry of infantrymen, 14 – in aviation and air defence artillery, and 3 – on use of mathematics for other purposes. The articles were written by 41 known and 3 unknown authors. Among the 41 known authors, there were 39 army officers and 2 civilians. In their work, the majority of authors used methods of elementary mathematics as a base; some authors applied methods of higher mathematics. Almost all of the latter were also lecturing at schools of higher education. In their articles, the majority of the authors built upon the experience of foreign armed forces (Russia and the Western world) and works of famous foreign mathematicians. The fate of authors of the articles was typical to all intelligentsia of the independent Republic of Lithuania in the pre-war period and especially to its most patriotic part – the officers: forced emigration to the West, exile and imprisonment in the East, or struggle and heroic death in the post-war partisan battles. Only very few of the authors had a chance to apply their knowledge in civilian activities, as subsequent to the occupation of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Armed Forces were dismissed and further activities in military arts became impossible.Article in Lithuanian  Karo mokslų ir istorijos žurnale „Mūsų žinynas“ 1922–1940 m. buvo paskelbti 87 straipsniai apie įvairius matematikos taikymus kariuomenėje. Iš tų straipsnių 28 buvo skirti matematikos taikymams karo topografijoje, 28 – artilerijoje, 14 – pėstininkų ginkluotės naudojimo srityje, 14 – aviacijoje ir zenitinėje artilerijoje ir 3 – kitose srityse. Daugelyje straipsnių remtasi elementariąja, kai kuriuose – aukštąja matematika. Straipsnius parašė 41 autorius, dauguma jų – Lietuvos karininkai. Nemaža jų dalis tapo priverstiniais emigrantais Vakaruose, keletas – Sibiro tremtiniais ar kaliniais, keletas kovojo ir žuvo Lietuvos partizanų kovose.Straipsnis lietuvių kalba
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