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Author(s): Laura Magdalena TROCAN

Journal: Annals of Constantin Brancusi University of Targu-Jiu : Juridical Science Series
ISSN 1844-7015

Issue: 1;
Start page: 83;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: consular offices | honorific consul | consular relations | consular immunities and privileges

The consular activity as animportant component of the states activity developsaccording to the stipulations of the Vienna Conventionregarding the consular relations in 1963, of theEuropean Convention regarding the consular functionsadopted in 1967 by the European Council, of thebilateral conventions contracted in the consular fieldand of the inside legislation of the states by means ofcertain specialized institutions, namely the career orhonorific consular offices and the consular sections inframe of the diplomatic missions. Even if there areessential differences regarding the exertion of theconsular functions and the granting of the consularimmunities and privileges between the career consulatesand the honorific ones, the state practice relieved thatboth of them have important contributions to thedevelopment of the economical, commercial andcultural-scientific relations between the states. Besides,the reason of settling the career or honorific consularoffices has been determined by the necessity to organizeand develop economical and especially commercialrelations between the states and to provide protection tothe natural persons and the juridical entities of a statethat were placed and developed activity on the territoryof another state. The current study wants to accomplishan analysis of the juridical system applicable to thehonorific consular offices in a treatment comparative tothe status of the career consular offices and by reportingboth to the international, national legislation and toother states incident in the field.
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