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技專校院圖書館實施編目委外作業之決定性因素及其現況研究 The Key Decision Making Criteria and Current Status of Catalog Outsourcing Operations in Libraries of Institute of Technology and Technical College

Author(s): Ti Yu

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 43;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 29;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: Catalog outsourcing | Technical institute and college | Library | Survey

本研究旨在了解技專校院圖書館實施編目委外作業之現況,並探究影響技專校院圖書館編目委外作業的決定性因素。本研究採用問卷調查法來進行研究,於民國94 年6月初針對全國科技大學、技術學院及專科學校圖書館發出89份問卷,截至94年7月底為止,總共回收了54份問卷,回收率約為61%。本研究利用百分比 及次數分配統計分析方法,了解受訪圖書館目前實施編目委外作業之概況;並利用卡方檢定、T檢定及Logistic迴歸模式等統計分析檢驗受訪圖書館編目委 外的決定性因素及影響程度。依據資料分析結果發現:85%的受訪技專校院圖書館有過編目委外的經驗,且實施這種委外作業方式也已行之多年;「轉檔後逐筆檢 驗」是受訪圖書館對委外編目品質最常採用的控管方式;國內編目廠商素質不一的情形是確實存在的現象;受訪圖書館對編目廠商的整體服務滿意程度在中等以上: 「人力」應是影響技專校院圖書館將編目委外作業之決定性因素。This study intends to explore the current status in libraries of Taiwanese institute of technology and technical college regarding catalog outsourcing operations to third parties and the key criteria in making such decisions. Eighty nine copies of questionnaires were distributed to institute of technology, technical college and science and technology university nationwide in June 2005. Five four copies had been collected, which represented a 61% response rate, until end of July 2005. The status of libraries outsourcing of cataloging was then captured in percentage and histogram format. These status information is then cross examined with surveyed decision making criteria with Chi-square Test, T-Test and Logistic Regression statistical models. The results of statistical analysis indicate 85% of libraries surveyed have actual experiences in catalog outsourcing operations and many have implemented for years. Post transfer item-by-item check is most widely used quality checking procedure which implies the quality of outsourced parties still varies in range. This is consistent with the marginal average satisfaction level from the surveyed libraries indicates toward the outsourced third parties in general. The study also shows availability of human resources is the key decision factor for libraries in making catalog outsourcing decision.
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