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Les migrations, un fait de société majeur, mais un champ de recherche encore marginal au Maroc

Author(s): Mohamed Charef

Journal: International Journal of Multicultural Societies
ISSN 1817-4574

Volume: 7;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 68;
Date: 2005;
Original page

Keywords: Moroccan migration | migration policies | migration research

Despite its essential position in the Moroccan economy and society, the questions of emigration and emigrants have not been discussed at length within the Moroccan society. However, Moroccan international migration represents one of the major driven forces of the national economy for the remittances it creates and for its positive influence on the fragile job market. In addition Morocco is not only an emigration country anymore. It became an immigration country and a transit country. So how does one explain this absence of declarations on migration from the politicians and from the scientific community?

Tango Jona
Tangokurs Rapperswil-Jona

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