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Linea alba conus medullaris: a stable anatomical landmark for thecaloscopic procedures

Author(s): Mourgela S | Anagnostopoulou S | Warnke JP

Journal: Neuroanatomy
ISSN 1303-1783

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: denticulate ligament | filum terminale | spinal pia matter | conus medullaris | thecaloscopy

Denticulate ligament and filum terminale are two eminences of spinal pia mater which bind together and form a unit that supports and protects the spinal cord. The purpose of this study was to prove the relationship between denticulate ligament and filum terminale and find out the anatomic structure of their interconnection on conus medullaris. For this post-mortem study we used 10 fresh cadavers, which were previously used for downward orientated thecaloscopic procedures. The cadavers were placed in prone position and the spine was dissected at the level of L1-L2 spinal processes. Dura mater was opened after thecaloscopic exploration and the anatomy of the content of thecal sac was further investigated. We assessed endoscopically in every cadaver that filum terminale is the anatomical continuation of denticulate ligament. Macroscopically, the denticulate ligament after having given its last eminence, continues forming an externally visible white line of tissue on each side of conus medullaris, which we named “linea alba medullae spinalis”or “linea alba conus medullaris”, a structure which ends forming the filum terminale.

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