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Linking the Dominance of House Girls in Nigerian Households to the Girl-child Socialization Pattern in Nigeria

Author(s): J.O. Omokhodion

Journal: Current Research Journal of Social Science
ISSN 2041-3238

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Girl child socialization and dominance of Housegirls

The target of this study is to find out if the preference expressed by many women in search of househelps;for house-girls, has a direct link with the socialization pattern of the girl-child. The study shows thatwhile girls are socialized to be kind, gentle, patient, loving, passive, hard working and long suffering, boys aresocialized to be tough, strong, authoritative and never to cry; since only girls are supposed to cry. The findingsfrom this study shows that over 90% of women, seeking the services of house-helps usually prefer the servicesof house-girls, because they have been trained to clean, cook, take care of their younger siblings, be gentle,obedient and kind. The natural consequence of this is that they try to imbibe those attributes which they havebeen taught, since those are the criteria on which they will be assessed in their society. Thus, since these arethe attributes that people need from their house helps, they prefer the girl-child to boys for employment. Thisthus exposes the girl-child to a lot of exploitation by their families and their employer’s family. This is evenmore so because most of their earnings go to their families; not themselves. The study ends by recommendingthat both boys and girls should have similar socialization pattern and that government should intensify its effortsat eradication child labor and exploitation.
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