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Literature Survey on Genetic Algorithm Approach for Fuzzy Rule-Based System

Author(s): Dinesh P.Pitambare, Pravin M.Kamde

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Research
ISSN 2319-6890

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 29;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: fuzzy modeling | in which the output of system is crisp and discrete. Fuzzy modeling provi

Fuzzy-Rule Based Clustering (FRBC) isproposed, for automatically exploring potential clusters indataset. This uses supervised classification approach toachieve the unsupervised cluster analysis. Fusion of clusteringand fuzzy set theory is nothing but fuzzy clustering, which isappropriate to handle problems with imprecise boundaries ofclusters. A fuzzy rule-based classification system is a specialcase of fuzzy modeling, in which the output of system is crispand discrete. Fuzzy modeling provides high interpretabilityand allows working with imprecise data. To explore theclusters in the data patterns, FRBC appends some randomlygenerated auxiliary patterns to the problem space. It then usesthe main data as one class and the auxiliary data as anotherclass to enumerate the unsupervised clustering problem as asupervised classification one.
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