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Lithium difluoro(oxalato)borate tetramethylene sulfone disolvate

Author(s): Joshua L. Allen | Paul D. Boyle | Wesley A. Henderson

Journal: Acta Crystallographica Section E
ISSN 1600-5368

Volume: 67;
Issue: 5;
Start page: m533;
Date: 2011;
Original page

The title compound, Li+·C2BF2O4−·2C4H8O2S, is a dimeric species, which resides across a crystallographic inversion center. The dimers form eight-membered rings containing two Li+ cations, which are joined by O2S sulfone linkages. The Li+ cations are ligated by four O atoms from the anions and solvent molecules, forming a pseudo-tetrahedral geometry. The exocyclic coordination sites are occupied by O atoms from the oxalate group of the difluoro(oxalato)borate anion and an additional tetramethylene sulfone ligand.

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