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Load Sharing with OCGER for Netural Processors which Supports Different Services

Author(s): R.Sunitha | Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

Journal: International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications
ISSN 2229-6093

Volume: 02;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 136;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: QOS | HRW | load sharing | router | network processor | Packet scheduling | fair queuing | Differentiated Services | Round Robin

A new scheme for packet transaction in a router is used, which provides load sharing among multiple network processors for various traffic patterns by introducing an OCGRR scheduler at the output port of the core router and multiprocessors . A feedback control mechanism prevents processor overload. The incoming traffic is scheduled by using a mapping formula derived from the robust hash routing ( HRW scheme). For the individual flow mapping no state information need to be stored, but for each packet, a predefined set of fields like a mapping function is computed over the identifier vector. To the HRW scheme an adaptive extension was provided to cope with biased traffic which possesses minimal disruption property. We use a scheduling algorithm called OCGRR to overcome the difficulty of handling different traffic patterns which influence the performance of load sharing scheme at the output port of the core router and the multiprocessors sharing its work.OCGRRt defines a stream to be the same-class packets from a given immediate upstream router destined to an output port of the core router. Each stream within a class can transmit a number of packets in the frame based on its available grant .provide, but only one packet per small round, thus reducing the inter transmission time from the same stream and achieving a smaller jitter and startup latency. Thus we introduce the OCGRR algorithm concept with the adaptation algorithm for sharing load with different traffic patterns like text , audio , video . We also verify and demonstrate the good performance of our scheduler by comparison with other algorithm in terms of packets dropped , queuing delay, jitter, and start-up latency.
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