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Long-term outcome after coronary stenting

Author(s): Kastrati Adnan | Hall Donald | Schömig Albert

Journal: Current Controlled Trials in Cardiovascular Medicine
ISSN 1468-6708

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 48;
Date: 2000;
Original page

Keywords: coronary artery disease | long-term outcome | restenosis | stents | thrombosis

Abstract The present review assesses the data on long-term outcome after coronary stenting. Histological, angiographical and intravascular imaging data have shown that the insertion of stents constitutes only a transient stimulus to lumen renarrowing, that this process is almost complete at 6 months and that a certain degree of neointima regression is also possible after this time. Clinical data have confirmed the sustained benefit of stenting in the long term. Careful selection of optimal stent designs and application of the recent advances in adjunctive pharmacological therapy are currently effective strategies to improve both short-and long-term results with coronary stenting. However, further efforts are needed and are ongoing to combat restenosis, a process that counters the excellent short-term results of stenting in the long term.
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