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Lossless Hoffman Coding Technique For Image Compression and Reconstruction using Binary Trees

Author(s): Mridul Kumar Mathur | Seema Loonker | Dr. Dheeraj Saxena

Journal: International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications
ISSN 2229-6093

Volume: 03;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 76;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Huffman | JPEG | GIF | BMP | compression | loss

picture is worth more than thousand words “is a common saying. What a image can communicate can not be expressed through words. Images play an indispensable role in representing vital information and needs to be saved for further use or can be transmitted over a medium. In order to have efficient utilization of disk space and transmission rate, images need to be compressed. Image compression is the technique of reducing the file size of a image without compromising with the image quality at a acceptable level. This reduction in file size saves disk/.memory space and allows faster transmission of images over a medium. Image compression is been used from a long time and many algorithms have been devised. In this paper we have converted an image into an array using Delphi image control tool. Image control can be used to display a graphical image - Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), Metafile (WMF), GIF, JPEG, etc, then an algorithm is created in Delphi to implement Huffman coding method that removes redundant codes from the image and compresses a BMP image file (especially grayscale image) and it is successfully reconstructed. This reconstructed image is an exact representation of the original because it is lossless compression technique. This Program can also be applied on other kind of RGB images (BMP, JPEF, Gif, and tiff) but it gives some color quality loss after reconstruction .Compression ratio for grayscale image is better as compared to other standard methods.
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