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Lossy Image Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform

Author(s): Pravin B. Pokle | N. G. Bawane

Journal: International Journal of Computer Applications
ISSN 0975-8887

Volume: ncipet;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: JPEG-Joint Photographic Experts Group | DCT-discrete cosine transform | FFT-Fast Fourier Transform | IDCT- Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform

In recent times the integration of video, audio and data in telecommunication devices has revolutionized the world communication. It has proven to be useful to almost every industry: the corporate world, entertainment industry, multimedia, education and even many household domestic appliances. The major problems encountered with these applications are the high data rates, high bandwidth and large memory required for storage and computing resources. Even with faster internet, throughput rates and improved network infrastructure, there are major bottlenecks in transferring such high volume data through the network due to bandwidth limitations. This justifies the need to develop compression techniques in order to make the best use of available bandwidth [1]. This paper presents how the digital image is compressed using discrete cosine transform and the comparative study with other methods.

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