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Management: A Study of Organizational Culture and the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Communication Effectiveness: (Case Study in Organizations of Iran)

Author(s): Hassan Jorfi | Mohsen Jorfi

Journal: Journal of Management Research
ISSN 1941-899X

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2011;
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In today's global complex environment, organizational culture in educational administrations plays a main role in the relationship between emotional intelligence and communication effectiveness. This paper is undertaken to understand the influence of culture in the relationship between managers’ emotional intelligence and communication effectiveness with employees in educational administrations of Iran. The goal is to improve communication effectiveness in that context. Data for this study were collected through questionnaires that participants (N = 145) were managers and employees in educational administrations of Iran. The aim of this paper assesses the self-regard of emotional intelligence with communication effectiveness and organizational culture in educational administrations of Iran. Emotional intelligence plays an important role in communication effectiveness. Individuals with high organizational culture tend to have higher emotional intelligence and this action lead to improve communication effectiveness. The result of the paper shows a strong correspondence between organizational culture, communication effectiveness and emotional intelligence in educational administrations.
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