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Measurements of brain microstructure and connectivity with diffusion MRI

Author(s): Chun-Yi Zac Lo | Yong He | Ching-Po Lin

Journal: Journal of Analytical Science & Technology
ISSN 2093-3134

Volume: 2;
Issue: Supplement A;
Start page: A99;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: diffusion MRI | brain connectivity | graph theory

By probing direction-dependent diffusivity of water molecules, diffusion MRI has shown its capability to reflect the microstructural tissue status and to estimate the neural orientation and pathways in the living brain. This approach has supplied novel insights into in-vivo human brain connections. By detecting the connection patterns, anatomical architecture and structural integrity between cortical regions or subcortical nuclei in the living human brain can be easily identified. It thus opens a new window on brain connectivity studies and disease processes. During the past years, there is a growing interest in exploring the connectivity patterns of the human brain. Specifically, the utilities of noninvasive neuroimaging data and graph theoretical analysis have provided important insights into the anatomical connections and topological pattern of human brain structural networks in vivo. Here, we review the progress of this important technique and the recent methodological and application studies utilizing graph theoretical approaches on brain structural networks with structural MRI and diffusion MRI.
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