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电动汽车充电站监控系统录波数据压缩方法 Method for Compressing Recorded Data in Electric Vehicle Charge-Station Monitoring System

Author(s): 刘永相 | 侯兴哲 | 周全 | 李林霞 | 郑可 | 孙洪亮

Journal: Smart Grid
ISSN 2161-8763

Volume: 02;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 88;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 电动汽车 | 充电站 | 数据压缩 | 监控系统 | Electric Vehicles | Charging Station | Data Compression | Monitoring System

为解决电动汽车充电站监控系统录波难度大、数据传输效率低的问题,本文引入一种2维离散小波变换、多级树集合分裂(set partitioning in hierarchical tree, SPIHT)编码、算术编码相结合的数据压缩新方法。该方法采用提升格式的2维离散小波变换对监测数据进行压缩,然后对小波系数进行SPIHT编码,最后采用算术编码实现压缩性能的控制,并进一步提高压缩比。对充电站中常见的电能质量谐波信号进行了压缩实验,结果表明该方法具有良好的压缩性能,验证了算法的有效性,在电动汽车充电站监控系统中具有较大的应用价值。For solving the problem of recording waves difficulty and low transmission efficiency in monitoring system of electric vehicles charging station, a new method for data compression, which integrates two-dimension discrete wavelet transform (DWT) in lifting format and set partitioning in hierarchical tree (SPIHT) coding with drithmetic cod-ing, is introduced. The proposed method compressed monitoring data by means of two-dimension DWT in lifting for-mat, then the SPIHT coding is applied to wavelet coefficients, in the end, the drithmetic coding is used to control the compression performance and increase the compression ratio. The compression experiments of frequent power quality harmonic signals are performed, the results show that the proposed method has better compression performance, which verifies the effectiveness of the algorithm. This scheme has greater application value in monitoring system of electric vehicles charging station.
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