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MHz Broadline NMR and HRTEM in the Study of Novel Strongly Correlated Electron Materials

Author(s): Georgios Papavassiliou | D. Argyriou | Nikos Panopoulos | Dimitris Koumoulis | Nikos Boukos | Michael Fardis | Michael Pissas | Hae Jin Kim | Jin-Gyu Kim

Journal: Journal of Analytical Science & Technology
ISSN 2093-3134

Volume: 2;
Issue: Supplement A;
Start page: A31;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Manganites | Jahn-Teller distortions | Incommensurate | NMR

139La broadline NMR and HRTEM is used in order to unveil the interplay between local Jahn-Teller (JT) lattice distortions and the magnetic structure in the La1-xCaxMnO3 family of manganites. By increasing x, i.e. diluting the JT active Mn3+ ions, a variety of novel phases is observed, with most spectacular the low T solitonic (stripe) spin arrangement for x≥0.5.

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