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MIAME/Plant – adding value to plant microarrray experiments

Author(s): Zimmermann Philip | Schildknecht Beatrice | Craigon David | Garcia-Hernandez Margarita | Gruissem Wilhelm | May Sean | Mukherjee Gaurab | Parkinson Helen | Rhee Seung | Wagner Ulrich | Hennig Lars

Journal: Plant Methods
ISSN 1746-4811

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Abstract Appropriate biological interpretation of microarray data calls for relevant experimental annotation. The widely accepted MIAME guidelines provide a generic, organism-independant standard for minimal information about microarray experiments. In its overall structure, MIAME is very general and specifications cover mostly technical aspects, while relevant organism-specific information useful to understand the underlying experiments is largely missing. If plant biologists want to use results from published microarray experiments, they need detailed information about biological aspects, such as growth conditions, harvesting time or harvested organ(s). Here, we propose MIAME/Plant, a standard describing which biological details to be captured for describing microarray experiments involving plants. We expect that a more detailed and more systematic annotation of microarray experiments will greatly increase the use of transcriptome data sets for the scientific community. The power and value of systematic annotation of microarray data is convincingly demonstrated by data warehouses such as Genevestigator® or NASCArrays, and better experimental annotation will make these applications even more powerful.

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