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Microalgae Tolerance to High Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide: A Review

Author(s): Fadhil M. Salih

Journal: Journal of Environmental Protection
ISSN 2152-2197

Volume: 02;
Issue: 05;
Start page: 648;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Carbon Dioxide | Microalgae | Tolerance | Sequestration

The increasing concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is considered to be one of the main causes of the global warming problem. Moreover, there is an international movement to reduce the emission of CO2 by imposing different measures such as carbon tax. Biological CO2 fixation has been extensively investigated as part of efforts to solve the global warming problem. Microalgae are fast growing systems that can consume high quantities of CO2 to produce different types of biomass. The efficiency of microalgae is highly related to the concentration of CO2 in the growth atmosphere and the higher the concentration of CO2 the better is the growth and hence productivity. The present review aimed at shedding some light upon microalgal capability to sustain their viability and propagate under high CO2 concentration.

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