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Microstrip Low-Pass Elliptic Filter Design Based on Implicit Space Mapping Optimization

Author(s): Saeed Tavakoli | Mahdieh Zeinadini | Shahram Mohanna

Journal: International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences
ISSN 1913-3715

Volume: 03;
Issue: 05;
Start page: 462;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Implicit Space Mapping Optimization | Microstrip Low-Pass Elliptic Filter | Surrogate Model

It is a time-consuming and often iterative procedure to determine design parameters based on fine, accurate but expensive, models. To decrease the number of fine model evaluations, space mapping techniques may be employed. In this approach, it is assumed both fine model and coarse, fast but inaccurate, one are available. First, the coarse model is optimized to obtain design parameters satisfying design objectives. Next, auxiliary parameters are calibrated to match coarse and fine models’ responses. Then, the improved coarse model is re-optimized to obtain new design parameters. The design procedure is stopped when a satisfactory solution is reached. In this paper, an implicit space mapping method is used to design a microstrip low-pass elliptic filter. Simulation results show that only two fine model evaluations are sufficient to get satisfactory results.

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