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Migration and Land Use Change in Europe: A Review

Author(s): Simon Bell | Susana Alves | Eva Silveirinha de Oliveira | Affonso Zuin

Journal: Living Reviews in Landscape Research
ISSN 1863-7329

Volume: 4;
Start page: 2;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Push-pull factors | International retirement migration | DPSIR | Urbanisation | Land use change | NUTS | Europe

Migration within Europe and between Europe and other parts of the world is a major driver of population change and has far reaching effects on land use. The theory, historical trends and actual patterns of migration were reviewed and from these an understanding of different categories of migration was developed. The pressures for land use change caused by different types of migration were developed and interpreted into a map of Europe, resolved at NUTSx level and a set of descriptions of land use change projections, examples of which are presented. The paper suggests that the implications of migration on land use change need further research and better data in order to be able to be more certain of trends. In the modern world migration will continue to be a major influence on land use and European policies which consider migration and land use as separate issues are likely to miss important connections.

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