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MIPAS-STR measurements in the arctic UTLS in winter/spring 2010: instrument characterization, retrieval and validation

Author(s): W. Woiwode | H. Oelhaf | T. Gulde | C. Piesch | G. Maucher | A. Ebersoldt | C. Keim | M. Höpfner | S. Khaykin | F. Ravegnani | A. E. Ulanovsky | C. M. Volk | E. Hösen | A. Dörnbrack | J. Ungermann | C. Kalicinsky | J. Orphal

Journal: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions
ISSN 1867-8610

Volume: 4;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 7035;
Date: 2011;
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The mid-infrared FTIR-limb-sounder Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding – STRatospheric aircraft (MIPAS-STR) was deployed onboard the stratospheric aircraft M55 Geophysica during the RECONCILE campaign in the arctic winter/spring 2010. From the MIPAS-STR measurements, vertical profiles and 2-dimensional vertical cross-sections of temperature and trace gases are retrieved. Detailed mesoscale structures of polar vortex air, extra vortex air and vortex filaments are identified in the results at a typical vertical resolution of 1 to 2 km and typical horizontal sampling density of 45 or 25 km, depending on the sampling programme. Results are shown for the RECONCILE flight 11 on 2 March 2010 and are validated with collocated in-situ measurements of temperature, O3, CFC-11, CFC-12 and H2O. Exceptional agreement is found for the in-situ comparisons of temperature and O3, with mean differences (vertical profile/along flight track) of 0.2/−0.2 K for temperature and −0.01/0.05 ppmv for O3 and corresponding sample standard deviations of the mean differences of 0.7/0.6 K and 0.1/0.3 ppmv. The comparison of the retrieved vertical cross-sections of HNO3 from MIPAS-STR and the infrared limb-sounder Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers and Telescopes for the Atmosphere – New Frontiers (CRISTA-NF) indicates comprehensive agreement. We discuss MIPAS-STR in its current configuration, the spectral and radiometric calibration of the measurements and the retrieval of atmospheric parameters from the spectra. The MIPAS-STR measurements are significantly affected by continuum-like contributions, which are attributed to background aerosol and broad spectral signatures from interfering trace gases and are important for mid-infrared limb-sounding measurements in the Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere (UTLS) region. Considering for continuum-like effects, we present a scheme suitable for accurate retrievals of temperature and an extended set of trace gases, including the correction of a systematic line-of-sight offset.
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