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Mobile Computing & Semantic Web für Medizin und Informationsversorgung /Mobile Computing & Semantic Web in Health & Medicine

Author(s): Van den Brekel, Guus

Journal: GMS Medizin-Bibliothek-Information
ISSN 1865-066X

Volume: 11;
Issue: 3;
Start page: Doc20;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: mobile | semantic web | healthcare | medicine | library | information management | linked data | technology | apps

Mobile Computing is big and unstoppable. The iPhone and iPad have given an enormous innovative boost to mobile healthcare. Applications, data, software, Operation systems and even Things are going into the “Cloud” to be accessed via Apps by a exponentially growing amount of mobile devices. What is the real magic of these devices? In the design, it’s functionality, in the easy of use, or …? And where exactly is wireless and unlimited Internet access changing healthcare for professionals and patients? What roles do libraries have now in this fast changing world of biomedicine & information technology? And what roles do they really need to develop? Web 2.0 gave users (and librarians) power over the web, making connections, interoperability and sharing possible. Who is actually shaping the web 3.0, this World Web Database, the great Internet of Things? Can your library contribute to this? But for whom and why should you? This article will try to merge the possible implications on the long term with practical immediate actions to be taken.
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