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Model-based iterative approach to polarimetric radar rainfall estimation in presence of path attenuation

Author(s): G. Vulpiani | F. S. Marzano | V. Chandrasekar | R. Uijlenhoet

Journal: Advances in Geosciences
ISSN 1680-7340

Volume: 2;
Start page: 51;
Date: 2005;
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A new model-based iterative technique to correct for attenuation and differential attenuation and retrieve rain rate, based on a neural-network scheme and a differential phase constraint, is presented. Numerical simulations are used to investigate the efficiency and accuracy of this approach named NIPPER. The simulator is based on a T-matrix solution technique, while precipitation is characterized with respect to shape, raindrop size distribution and orientation. A sensitivity analysis is performed in order to evaluate the expected errors of this method. The performance of the proposed methodology on radar measurements is evaluated by using one-dimensional Gaussian shaped rain cell models and synthetic radar data derived from disdrometer measurements. Numerical results are discussed in order to evaluate the robustness of the proposed technique.

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