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Montelukast versus inhaled corticosteroids in the management of pediatric mild persistent asthma

Author(s): Scaparrotta Alessandra | Di Pillo Sabrina | Attanasi Marina | Rapino Daniele | Cingolani Anna | Consilvio Nicola Pietro | Verini Marcello | Chiarelli Francesco

Journal: Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine
ISSN 2049-6958

Volume: 7;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 13;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Childhood asthma | Inhaled corticosteroids | Leukotriene receptor antagonist | Montelukast

Abstract International guidelines recommend the use of inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs) as the preferred therapy, with leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRAs) as an alternative, for the management of persistent asthma in children. Montelukast (MLK) is the first LTRA approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the use in young asthmatic children. Therefore, we performed an analysis of studies that compared the efficacy of MLK versus ICSs. We considered eligible for the inclusion randomized, controlled trials on pediatric populations with Jadad score > 3, with at least 4 weeks of treatment with MLK compared with ICS. Although it is important to recognize that ICSs use is currently the recommended first-line treatment for asthmatic children, MLK can have consistent benefits in controlling asthmatic symptoms and may be an alternative in children unable to use ICSs or suffering from poor growth. On the contrary, low pulmonary function and/or high allergic inflammatory markers require the corticosteroid use.

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